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Treasure Coast Elementary closes due to COVID-19 outbreak

Treasure Coast Elementary School will close for several days due to a COVID-19 outbreak, officials said.

According to officials, 10 staff members and 38 students tested positive for the coronavirus.

The school will be closed from Sept. 1 to Sept. 13.

This is the second school in the county to close due to a COVID-19 outbreak. Beachland Elementary School was shut down through Labor Day due to a separate outbreak.

The Indian River County Superintendent David Moore explained the decision to close down Treasure Coast Elementary School for two weeks comes as more than 10 employees test positive for COVID-19.

“We need to make a decision on making sure this isn’t continuing to spread,” Moore said.

“(It’s) in the best interest of students,” Moore said. “So, we have 14 staff that are currently out with a few more going to be tested today. With a total of 10 students that tested positive between yesterday and today.”

The superintendent said that’s on top of the 30 students that had tested positive earlier in the school year.

The reason they had to close the school is because of the lack of employees, which is the same reason the district closed Beachland Elementary School last week.

“That number was 25 percent of the staff, that’s the number we were watching for Treasure Coast and unfortunately that number continued to grow and exceeded 25% today.”

The superintendent is asking the parents of Treasure Coast Elementary students to keep an eye on their child for possible symptoms.

And despite the closure, the superintendent said teachers will continue instruction virtually.

“Our teachers will be able to load lessons and we available for our students to ask any questions,” Moore said. “So, very intentional. Is it different, absolutely? First and foremost, if students are feeling sick and not able to do it, we understand that as well.”

Employees at this school are also still mourning the loss of Tabitha Blair a fourth-grade teacher here at Treasure Coast Elementary that died from COVID-19 nearly two weeks ago.