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Travis Scott wants Black Lives Matter to use his voice as a "tool" for change

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Travis Scott has several high profile partnerships, such as a new meal with McDonalds or holding his own event on Fortnite, however, wanting to partner with the Black Lives Matter movement will be his most important yet.

In a recent interview with The Face, the “TKN” rapper — born Jacques Berman Webster II — opened up about how he was inspired to use his voice for change in the wake of fellow Houstonian George Floyd‘s death.

He says the subsequent protests “galvanized” him, saying, “We got a voice to try to make change. People are listening, you know what I mean? And we want to try to make sure they understand that I’m a tool. Allow me to help in any way.”

“Let me know where we got to go show up. It’s a big picture. It’s like a lot of groundwork we got to do,” the Grammy nominee continued.

Webster added that, because of the nationwide protests, the world is beginning to wake up to what the Black community has known for centuries regarding police brutality and racism. 

“You’re trying to get to a point where people are finally seeing the oppression that’s been happening and overlooked, and that we, as a culture, have been fighting through every day,” he affirmed. “I mean, look how many leaders we have in the Black community.”

The 28-year-old says he wants to be considered a leader in his community, even though he is already recognized for his musical talents and for being a style icon.  

While he told The Face that if he is already capable of influencing what people listen to or wear, he wants to start focusing on using his platform to help change people’s minds.

By doing that, he says, conversations need to happen, which include agreements and disagreements.

By Megan Stone
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