Transgender teacher is removed from school after threatening to ‘shoot some students

transgender teacher has been removed from a school after allegedly threatening to ‘shoot some students’ days after seeing social media posts discussing her sexual orientation.

The teacher from Florida who uses she/her pronouns has been removed from a classroom int he Hernando School District (HSD) and police have seized three firearms and ammunition from her home.

The Fox Chapel Middle School teacher is allegedly transgender and recently learned of a social media post discussing her sexual orientation negatively.

The teacher was sent to the school guidance counselor’s office on March 24 after she said she was having ‘bad thoughts’, according to Wear News ABC 3.

In an incident report obtained by Crisis in the Classroom, it says that the teacher allegedly ‘made a comment that she wanted to shoot some students due to them not performing to their ability’.

The teacher immediately added that she would never harm a student, the report also notes.

Later that day, the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office (HSCO) seized three firearms and ammunition from the teacher’s residence.

In a letter sent to concerned parents and teachers last week, the school said the investigation was ongoing and the the teacher has been removed from ‘all student contact’.

However, the teacher has only been removed after Florida’s Department of Education (FLDOE) stepped in, a FLDOE notice indicates.

The notice posted last Friday said: ‘Earlier this week, the Department was informed of a situation regarding student safety at a school in Hernando County.

‘Upon the Department bringing the concern to the Superintendent Wednesday evening, only then did the district remove the teacher from the school, effective yesterday, Thursday, April 13.’

Parents were outraged at the school’s lack of action and threatened to pull their children out of the school.

One father told WEAR News ABC 3: ‘The fact that it took two weeks for us, as parents, to find out that anything happened is mind-boggling.’

He added that he also contacted Governor Ron DeSantis’s office to investigate the matter.

Some parents reportedly supported the teacher at the meeting, saying she was ‘brave enough to work on showing her true self’ and that the allegations were ‘clearly false’.

Crisis in the Classroom was told that the district would not comment on the matter further than last week’s letter and that the Hernando County District was taking ‘all actions’ to ensure that the ‘campus is safe’.