Trainer Slams Dog To The Ground

A stomach-churning video from social media has authorities investigating a dog training facility for animal cruelty … and the images of the dog getting brutally slammed to the ground is pretty damning evidence.
This went down at a place called TyCalK9 Dog Training Center in Arcola, TX … outside Houston. The video, which we must warn is hard to watch, shows the trainer bark a command at a German Shepherd.

Apparently, the dog did not heed that command, because the trainer picks up the animal by its leash, swings it over his shoulder and then hurls it down onto a cement floor. You can hear the dog whimper as it struggles to get back on its feet.

The gruesome video has thrown social media into a frenzy, and it’s also prompted the Fort Bend County District Attorney to launch an animal cruelty investigation.

The D.A. says, “We cannot share the details as the investigation is ongoing, but we take these matters seriously and do not condone the mistreatment of animals in any regard. A thorough investigation by experienced animal cruelty investigators and prosecutors is underway.”

The trainer’s face is not visible in the video, but the facility has reportedly trained dogs for local NBA superstars and reality TV personalities.