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Tracee Ellis Ross discusses fulfilling her "childhood dream" in upcoming film, 'The High Note'

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Tracee Ellis Ross makes her musical debut in her upcoming film, The High Note.

On Tuesday’s Good Morning America, Ross said she’s always loved singing, so when this project came around, it was a perfect fit.

“I mean, I was doing pretty good with the TV and the acting and all that, and then this role came along and that childhood dream that has been just been waiting in there to get out got to do her thing,” Ross said.

The actress, who plays a superstar singer named Grace Davis in the film, said she was “in love” with the role.

“To… be able to sing live in front of an audience — even though they weren’t ticket holders, they were just background — was just really thrilling for me,” she shared. “I absolutely loved it. I love being in the studio too, so I have a new passion.”

The new role was “worth the risk,” she shared. The message of the film also resonates with Ross, who took a leap of faith by showing her musical talent.

“No matter the stage, the place in your life, it is never too late to go for your dreams, never too late to go after your passions,” Ross said.

One critic that already approves of Ross’ vocals is her mother, the legendary singer Diana Ross.

“She cried. She was like, ‘Finally!'” Ross said on her mother’s reaction to her taking on the musical role.

“I have an incredibly supportive mom who really allows her children to find their way, and I think she knows when there’s things we really want to do but we haven’t done them so she felt really — she’s just really supportive and really proud,” Tracee said. “It’s exciting.”

The High Note is available for digital purchase on May 29.

By Haley FitzPatrick and Candice Williams
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