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Tory Lanez alleged ex-bodyguard weighs in on Megan Thee Stallion shooting

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Tory Lanez‘s alleged ex-bodyguard Zyir Brown is sharing what he knows about the rapper’s character and the Megan Thee Stallion shooting. 

In a nearly hour-long interview with journalist Landon Buford, Brown divulged that he’s never seen Lanez get aggressive with a female. 

“Tory never reacted like how the media is portraying him to act,” he said. “I’ve never seen him do that. I’ve never seen him do anything physical to a woman. I’ve never seen that.”

“I have never ever seen Tory scream at a female. Even when he got into it with his personal partner. I’ve never seen him get mad or violent,” he added. “I’ve never seen that part of him… He’s not the arguing type. I’ve never seen him argue.”

When it comes to allegations that Lanez shot Megan in July, Brown admitted that he wasn’t around when the incident went down but stayed adamant that the way the rapper is seemingly being portrayed in the media is not the man he knows. 

“This is from my experience. I can’t speak on nothing that’s going on specific today with Megan Thee Stallion and all of that. I cannot speak on that, because I was not there, I was not present,” he explained. “All I can do is read the tabloids and see what everybody else says – I have no knowledge of that.”

Megan was shot in both of her feet on July 12. At the time, she did not name her shooter, but weeks later on August 20 during an Instagram Live, she revealed it was Lanez. He has not been charged in connection to the alleged shooting. 

By Danielle Long
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