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Tina Knowles makes small correction to daughter Beyoncé's Grammy speech

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Beyoncé‘s mom Tina Knowles-Lawson made a small correction to her daughter’s Grammy acceptance speech, which she gave after becoming the most decorated female performer in Grammy history.

When the “Lemonade” singer collected four Grammy wins on Sunday, pushing her total count to 28, she told the audience she had “been working my whole life, since nine-years-old” to get to where she is.

As it turns out, the Lion King star’s memory wasn’t entirely accurate, as her mom stepped in to set the record straight.

The matriarch took to her Instagram on Tuesday to reveal that her daughter has been working the grind well before she turned nine.

“She said ‘since she was nine years old’ Well I remember 7 years old,” Lawson chuckled while sharing a snippet of her daughter’s emotional acceptance speech.

The proud mom continued to reveal just how hard her famous daughter worked to make her dreams come true, writing, “So much, blood, sweat and tears, intense training, vocal lessons, dance lessons, running and singing with your dad, every morning, missed parties and proms, hardly any playing outside. Total dedication and tremendous 100 Percent focus.”

Saying Beyonce made “so many sacrifices” to make it as an artist, Lawson noted, “You don’t have a career like this [without] huge sacrifices and pure dedication.”

The 67-year-old matriarch also lauded Beyoncé’s “fearless unapologetic statements in your music and performances and filmmaking, have knocked down doors for others to be fearless and unapologetic as well.”

“Well deserved baby,” she praised. “You are truly a gracious Class act!!! I am so Proud not of just the 28 Grammys but for the incredible human being you have managed to stay.”

By Megan Stone
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