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Tiffany Haddish shares the emotional moment she learned she won the comedy album Grammy

ABC/Eric McCandless

Tiffany Haddish is sharing her emotional reaction to winning the Best Comedy album Grammy on Sunday night.

In an Instagram post Monday morning titled “This is How I found out I Won a Grammy!,” Haddish shares a video from the set of her CBS show Kids Say the Darndest Things, which she was shooting Sunday night when producers, speaking into her earpiece, informed her that her album, Black Mitzvah,had won.

The comedian, who was standing on the set between two young girls, paused, looking startled.

“I just what? I just won a Grammy? Are you serious? I really won?” Haddish asked.

Repeatedly assured by producers that she’d really won, Haddish became teary-eyed, telling her tiny costars, “You know a Black woman hasn’t won in that category since 1986?”

“Yes,” said one of the girls. “I learned that from Black History Month.”

“A Black woman hasn’t won for Best Comedy Album since Whoopi Goldberg,” Tiffany continued, explaining to the girls that she was crying because “It’s a lot of bumpy roads that you cross” on the way to success.

“[Y]ou just have to believe in yourself as much as you can,” Tiffany says.  “And against all odds you just say ‘You know what? I’m just [going] put my best foot forward, and I’m going to give the world the best that I got. Right?”

“Anything is possible,” she added.

On her Instagram, Haddish offered a bit more explanation about her reaction, saying that she was “flooded with such a [sense] of accomplishment and relief.”

“I kinda didn’t know what to say. I just wanted to cry but I knew it would have confused the babies. So I decided to use that moment to teach and share my feelings,” she said.

By Candice Williams
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