Thousand Of Meals To Be Delivered During “Jewish Holidays”!

About 2,100 traditional Jewish homemade meals are being packed and delivered every week for the next four weeks of Jewish holidays to those in need.

With the help of volunteers, the Kind Kitchen of Palm Beach and the Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County is determined to make a difference as they see an increased need in the second year of the pandemic.

“This is our new normal,” said Michael Hoffman, president and CEO of the Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County.

Volunteer Debbie Sturgis added, “Right now in this world it’s going to take volunteers to help everyone.”

Chiming in, Michael Hoffman said,“Especially during this time of the high holidays.”

Everyone working to help the cause is putting food on the table for Holocaust survivors, people out of jobs and the elderly.

“To a holocaust survivor, this is the most important thing. They should feel the holiday. They went through so much in their lives. To worry about food when it comes to a holiday…they deserve to have food,” said Chain Ezagui, director, the Kind Kitchen Palm Beach.

Looking over the menu, there’s a long list of tasty traditional Jewish holiday foods.

“It’s being made with love,” Ezagui said.

Every bag will be delivered to each person’s doorstep.

“That’s what takes it full circle – is knowing that I am helping and people are helping me in return – and there is just no greater feeling than that’s what we need,” Sturgis said.