Mike Burke

They CLONED Tyrone: An Instant Hit Movie on Netflix

A must see film, our connections at The Verge wrote this about “They Cloned Tyrone” 

tells the story of Yo-Yo (Teyonah Parris), Slick (Jamie Foxx), and Fontaine (John Boyega), three unlikely friends who are brought together by their shared discovery of a massive, secret governmental surveillance plan to monitor the lives of Black people before disappearing them and replacing them with clones.
It’s hard to tell from They Cloned Tyrone’s trailer just what the end goal of snatching folks up is, or how three conspiracy theorists are supposed to take down that sort of operation on their own. But it does seem like They Cloned Tyrone’s going to have one hell of a good time reminding people what the concept of staying woke actually means when it hits Netflix some time in 2023.”