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What we learned … was odd, to put it bluntly. And on the map today, we’re showing you just how odd every state really is. Some people have put Porn, Redneck, The Kardashians on their real resume. Our questions is why most people in Florida put magic?! Is this a hobby or a real job that most Floridan’s do to earn money. What do you think is the weirdest interest that a state put down? Tell us in the form below.

Weird Interest Survey

Most Common Weird Resume Interest brought to you by Zippa The Career Expert! 

State Interest
Alabama Wookie
Arizona Orgami
Alaska Klingon
Arkansas Clothesmaking
California Kardashian
Colorado Cardistry
Connecticut Ford
Delaware Christian
Florida Magic
Georgia Peaches
Hawaii Awesome
Idaho Bodybuilding
Illinois Couponing
Indiana Drones
Iowa Pizza
Kansas Embroidery
Kentucky Bowling
Louisiana Tigers
Maine Leather
Maryland Electronic
Massachusetts Witchcraft
Michigan Ford
Minnesota Dinosaurs
Mississippi Tennis
Missouri Hotdog
Montana Wife
Nebraska Hooping
Nevada Arson
New Hampshire Gymnastics
New Jersey Trump
New Mexico Alien
New York Arguing
North Carolina Weaving
North Dakota Thrifting
Ohio Lebron
Oklahoma Computers
Oregon Volunteer
Pennsylvania Chocolate
Rhode Island Acrobatics
South Carolina Zeus
South Dakota Ghosts
Tennessee Gay
Texas Bigfoot
Utah Genealogy
Vermont Beekeeping
Virginia Cryptography
Washington Space
West Virginia Hunting
Wisconsin Rapping
Wyoming Dude