The Village People On “Donald Trump” Using Their Music!

In a pointed message to Donald Trump, a Saturday Night Live comedy sketch of the Village People delivered a hilarious rendition of “YMCA.”

“Stop it! Yeah, I’m talking to you,” sang the group, led by SNL Kenan Thompson who wore a police costume. “I said, stop it. This is long overdue ’cause we never said that we support you.”

The sketch, part of “Weekend Update,” came after Trump went viral in a video that showed him dancing to “YMCA” upon returning to the campaign trail after contracting the coronavirus.

In the SNL sketch, the group claims it hired Alan Dershowitz, who has represented Trump and Jeffrey Epstein, to issue a cease-and-desist order, singking, “Alan knows where you been. Yeah, he knows what you’ve seen on that island with [Jeffrey] Epstein …”

But Update co-anchor Colin Jost objects, saying, “You can’t say that! You can’t just say that!”

“It’s just music, man,” Thompson says. “We’re just singing.”

The song continues: “The soldier said that you let him down. And the gay man said you don’t want him around. And the Native is sick with COVID-19. Only the construction worker still believes.”

If Trump fails to stop using their song, the sketch jokes the Village People would resort to shaving Ivanka’s head, saying she’d end up looking like Star Trek captain Jean-Luc Picard.

Jost objected once again: “Wait! You say you’re going to shave Ivanka’s head. You can’t just say that. It’s got to be like a felony.”

Thompson responded with a wink: “Hey, man. Everything is legal if you sing it in a song.”