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The Question Is “Why Is Florida #1 In Covid Cases” Take A Look.

Why is Florida one of the top states when it comes to new cases of COVID-19? Well, there’s a few possible reasons.

While the state did make a smart move by prioritizing seniors for vaccinations early on in the pandemic, infectious disease specialist Dr. Kitonga Kiminyo believes the state didn’t put enough emphasis on vaccinating those 55 years and younger.

“Yes, we are doing the seniors, but you need to get vaccinated as well…”

Now, with the more transmissible delta variant, it’s the younger age group that’s contracting COVID-19 at a high rate and overwhelming hospitals.

But, Gov. Ron DeSantis says the numbers are somewhat deceiving.

“About 25% on average are not being treated for COVID. For example, everyone gets tested who goes in and if you are positive and you have a different procedure, you are still classified as a COVID patient because you have to be isolated and not spreading it,” DeSantis said.

What about tourists? Thousands of people gravitate toward the Sunshine State year-round, could non-locals be the reason Florida has such a high infection rate?

According to Dr. Larry Bush, the answer is yes.

“We have a large influx of people from all over including South America and Central America … and we have a large amount of people who are relocating for various reasons and from various states,” Bush said.

Bush also says Florida has a huge population, many of who are elderly and unable to take the vaccine.