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'The Oval' stars Ed Quinn and Kron Moore explain why Tyler Perry is the key to their show's success

Photo Credit: Tyler Perry Studios/ BET

Ed Quinn and Kron Moore serve as the President and First Lady on Tyler Perry‘s hit BET series The Oval.

The White House drama, which follows a dysfunctional First Family and the staff who tends to them, was an instant hit among viewers, becoming the number one scripted cable series in the key demo of ages 18-49.

Quinn tells ABC Audio the show’s unbelievable success is a direct result of Perry’s hard work.

“Most shows have so many people working on them and a lot of times fighting over them, that when you have someone like Tyler– who’s the writer, the creator, the director and the studio… you’re gonna get the best chance to stay on the air,” he says.  “And then Tyler’s history. The fan base that he has built. The people that are so loyal to him.”

Quinn says working with a man like Perry doesn’t happen every day, so — as the veteran of the group — he tells other actors to not take the opportunity for granted.

“We have literally won the grand prize,” Quinn says. 

“‘Put your head down. Love what you do every day,'” he continues, recalling his advice. “You don’t understand the politics that we’re not gonna have to deal with and the opportunity we’re gonna get because Tyler Perry’s name is in the title.’ It’s a blessing in this business.”

Moore agrees and adds that Perry’s gift of creating unpredictable characters also helps to bring in viewers.

“I was a little bit trepidatious going into the character and not really knowing how she would be received,” Moore reveals. “But now that I know people love Victoria, and all of her insanity… next season is going to be so crazy. So I’m looking forward to it.” 

The Oval airs Wednesday nights.

By Candice Wiliams
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