A Judge Does The Unthinkable at a Murder Trial

Amber Guyger was as arrested and charged with the murder of Botham Jean while he sat in his underwear eating ice cream inside his apartment. Geiger a former police officer was charged and found guilty of first-degree murder in the death of this young African-American man.

The first hug was stunning enough — a young man embracing his brother’s killer for nearly a minute in the middle of the courtroom, just after telling the woman: “I forgive you.”

Then came UNBELIEVABLE embrace — from the judge in the case that sparked renewed protests Wednesday as Guyger received a 10 year sentence that some called a “slap in the face.” At the end of clearly an emotional Judge Tammy Kemp walked over in her black robe to give Guyger a Bible and she wrapped her arms around Guyger and murmured to her. Together, they prayed. WOW~mb