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'The Chi': Miriam A. Hyman explains how made sure her character of Dre wasn't a stereotype

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Miriam A. Hyman says she was proud to take on the role of Dre in the new season of The Chi.

Hyman’s character, which is newly added, is the supportive partner and stepmom to Nina’s kids, Keisha and Kevin. Hyman tells ABC Audio that playing the recently married queer black woman was the perfect opportunity to highlight a group of people that has been historically ignored. 

“I feel like a lot of times within television and sometimes in film too, you don’t really see this type of character represented,” Hyman says. “And so, I think especially because of the climate that we’re in now, it’s really imperative that we show variety in terms of just different people that are here walking the Earth.”

“And so, yeah, it was really cool to play this type of character and to be able to tap into this type of energy,” she continues. “And to bring that energy to the show mixed with all of the wonderful characters that they already have.”

Of course, playing such an unique character did have its challenges. Hyman says she felt pressure to make sure got Dre right.

“I didn’t want her to be seen as stereotypical, and I don’t think that the team wanted that,” Hyman says. “Hence me being able to have my nails polished, hence me being able to wear different types of jewelry, hence some of the clothing choices,” she says, explaining the lengths she went to in making sure Dre wasn’t perceived as stereotypical. “I really wanted her to be seen as a well rounded, versatile person.”

“We’re all multifaceted. And so within that, I just wanted to make sure that that really shined through,” Hyman added.

The Chi airs Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET on Showtime.

By Candice Williams
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