Mark McCrazy

The $1.3 Billion Dollar Lifestyle of Kanye West

Kanye West is a 42 year old rapper, singer, songwriter, producer, fashion designer, and entrepreneur who according to sources such as “Forbes” and “USA Today”, is worth a colossal $1.3 billion. Although Kanye was born in Atlanta, he was raised in Chicago and that is where his loyalties lie, claiming the streets of the southside since the creation of his first albums and productions. Kanye started his career by rapping and producing, but has since moved his way into so many different industries that it’s hard to know where his ever expanding fortune is coming from. On top of it all, he has become an icon in the eye of the public with some of the most powerful and well known relationships in entertainment. Not only is Kanye West married to superstar Kim Kardashian, but he has close relationships with artists and entrepreneurs like Jay-Z, Beyonce, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, and Jamie Foxx, making him one of the most well known celebrities in the world. With this kind of reputation and financial status, it’s easy to imagine that he has made some outlandish purchases, and we are here to confirm it. From his million dollar collection of beds, to his $200,000/hour private jet, to a collection of $750,000 in gold plated toilets (no joke), this man has made some of the craziest and most luxurious purchases out there. Curious about what else Kanye West spends his fortune on? Well then we’ve got you covered. Here is an exclusive look inside the $1.3 billion dollar lifestyle of Kanye West.