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Terrence J escapes attempted robbery!

Actor and former BET host Terrence Jenkins escaped what he said was an attempted robbery at his home in Sherman Oaks Wednesday after a group of armed suspects followed him to his residence.

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, the actor/ TV host was pulling into his driveway in Sherman Oaks around 3 AM when four men inside a silver Jeep Cherokee pulled up beside him, ordering Terrence out of his car.

When Terrence denied their request, he sped off in his car as suspects followed behind him and fired shots at his vehicle. Fortunately, Terrence and the passanger were not injured. He was able to flag down California highway patrol which reportedly cause the Jeep to speed off in another direction. Shortly after, Terrence filed an official report for assault with a deadly weapon, and police are currently investigating.

Terrence has yet to speak out regarding the incident, which comes just days after Los Angeles police issued a statement to local residents, warning a recent trend known as “follow home robberies” in which burglars will silently follow citizens home from areas such as Melrose and the jewelry district in an attempt to rob them of recently purchased goods or to enter their home in attempt to rob them.