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Terrence J and Marlon Wayans go viral over "fake roast" on Instagram Live

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Terrence J and Marlon Wayans had viewers confused Thursday morning after having a heated argument on Instagram Live about how much of a role Marlon’s family played in his rise to success.

The two appeared in a video to let fans know it was a “fake roast,” and they were “joking.” But the damage was over for fans on social media who began to cancel Terrence for the culture, and proclaim him “corny” for coming for Marlon’s career and family success.

It all started after a viral clip surfaced this morning of Terrance and Marlon going back and forth on Instagram Live about their success in their respective careers.  The conversation got heated after the former 106 & Park host claimed to have achieved fame on his own, compared to Marlon, whom he claimed solely benefited from his family name.

“Listen, let me just school you on something, young man,” Terrence said to Marlon before he attempted to interject. “This ain’t all about your family, okay? Your family can’t bail you out of this one, all right? There are other people in the world that are not Wayans people.”

Terrence J continued making statements like “Get off of Keenan Ivory Wayans’ lap,” but Marlon wasn’t having it. 

“Let me tell you something about family, I don’t ever need them to bail me out of nothing,” Marlon told Terrence. “They raised me. If you ever think I’m great because of me, you’re wrong. I’m great because of the tribe — you’re going to respect the tribe.”

Terrence later revealed the short clip was part of a segment called “What Haters Say,” written by Marlon for their comedy parody show, The Awful Truth.

By Rachel George 
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