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Tank explains why many consider him “Underrated”

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Grammy-nominated R&B singer Tank once told the world he felt undervalued on his 2012 single, “Underrated.”

The 45-year-old says the song speaks to a title given to him by fans who felt he deserved more recognition as an artist.

“I think people gave that to me. And so, with people wanting more for me, I’ve always been [like] when it’s time, it’s time. What’s mine is going to be mine,” Tank tells ABC Audio. “Nobody can take what’s mines. Nobody can skip me in line, none of that.” 

“What’s mine is mine, but other people kind of see things or see a place where they think I should be or they would like me to be, which creates this kind of underrated thing,” he continues. 

After nearly 30 years of being in the music industry, Tank says he appreciates the “blessing in just being able to do what I love to do.”

“I wake up every day, and I just do music. That’s what I do, but going back to the ‘Underrated’ moment, it was like, ‘Well, maybe I am,'” he admits. “Maybe I’m not performing on the Grammys. Maybe I’m not performing on the top nighttime talk shows. Maybe I’m not on the mainstream hot 100 charts. Maybe I should be. Why am I not?”

Tank says he fully accepts the title of being underrated, which is tattooed on his arm. He adds, “I’ll work from here. I’ll be the best underrated singer, songwriter, producer, actor, and comedian that’s ever touched this earth.”

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