Tamera Mowry-Housley Hasn’t Seen Sister Tia in SIX MONTHS

Tamera Mowry-Housley is missing her identical twin sister, Tia. The 42-year-old actress reveals to ET that they haven’t seen each other in over six months since the coronavirus pandemic first hit, adding that it’s the longest they’ve ever gone without seeing one another in their lives. Tamera also reacts to Tia’s interview with ET in March, where she emotionally opened up about how difficult it was to be quarantined apart from her sister. Plus, Tamera sheds light on Tia’s memory of the then-child stars being snubbed by a popular magazine because they are Black. For all the ‘Sister, Sister’ fans, Tamera shares an update on the reboot project she and Tia are trying to bring to life. She also marvels over the show’s lasting legacy, what it’s like to meet the new generation of fans who have discovered the show on Netflix and how special it is that her daughter loves the series. Tamera even has an idea for her daughter, Ariah Housley, and Tia’s daughter, Cairo Hardrict, to play them in a revival! Aside from work, Tamera is also making it a point to prioritize her health and wellness by doing regular Zumba exercise classes, leading up to World Mental Health Day on Oct. 10.