Will Smith Gets Torched After Aladdin Trailer Release

The “whole new world” that Disney’s live-action Aladdin will take viewers to — is apparently the uncanny valley just outside of bizarro town. When the House of Mouse unveiled the second sneak peek at this year’s Aladdin, Will Smith was finally revealed as the Genie.

Fans Upset With Will Smith’s Blue Genie

Disney released a new trailer for Aladdin featuring a first-look of a blue Will Smith in the role of The Genie and fans didn’t like it at all. Fans quickly took to social media mocking the blue Will Smith and one even asked, “Is it too late to reshoot the Aladdin movie with Shaq instead […]

Will Smith Signals the Shooting of 'Bad Boys For Lif3' Is Under Way

We knew it was coming but Will Smith has made it official. Shooting on Bad Boys For Lif3 has begun. Smith posted a picture of script books on his Instagram account. He captioned the picture, “Day 1. I’ll keep you posted.” The film featuring Smith and Martin Lawrence is scheduled to be in theaters in January 2020. […]