Word On The Curb: Feb 12 Motown Records Approves of J. Lo’s Motown Tribute, Mary J Blige Is Dating Again, Cardi B Deactivates Her IG Account,

Motown Records Approves of J. Lo’s Motown Tribute The 61st annual Grammy Awards have come and gone, but people are still talking about one of the most controversial aspects of the ceremony, Jennifer Lopez’s Motown tribute. Some were not here for it, but Motown Records apparently feels differently sharing their thoughts on social media; one was simply captioned “A […]

Jennifer Lopez Set To Perform Motown Tribute at Grammy Awards

When the Grammys announced that Jennifer Lopez was going to perform a Motown Tribute at the Grammy awards this Sunday, Twitter reacted in a not so subtle way. As the Grammys celebrates 60 years of Motown, the record label that brought us acts like The Jackson 5, The Supremes, The Temptations, Marvin Gaye, and Stevie […]

Gladys Knight & Smokey Robinson

The past couple of days I’ve had a the unique privileged of seeing two of Motown’s greatest performers.  It becomes apparent after decades of performing both Gladys and Smokey retain the polish that made them shine since their days in Detroit. Gladys, 74, and Smokey 78 maintain that elite style of entertainment perfected by the […]