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T.I. responds to sexual assault allegations in new music video for “What It’s Come To”

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Rapper T.I. has announced his retirement and his final album, Kill the King, in a newly released music video for “What It’s Come To.”

Before he bows out, T.I. made a bold move in using the video to address the sexual-assault accusations against himself and his wife, Tiny Harris. The video mocks the couple’s alleged accuser and former friend Sabrina Patterson, and opens with a recording of a woman’s voice demanding an apology from the couple.  

“Tell the truth about me,” the woman says in a voiceover for the clip. “Tell the truth and apologize, and I’m gone. Here’s the other stipulation…do it within seven days. Within seven days, tell the truth, apologize, and I’m gone.”

Featuring clips of T.I. and Tiny dressed in all black, the  “What It’s Come To” video also mocks other alleged women T.I. says came up with false “stories about T.I. & Tiny” to obtain a huge payout. 

It’s clear that T.I. is prepared to continuously fight to protect his family’s name in court, as he raps, “I’m crankin’ up the jury/ Who you lyin’ on, shawty?/ Extortion, is that what you got your mind on, shawty?”

As previously reported, the Los Angeles Police Department opened a sexual assault investigation after 11 women claimed that T.I. and Tiny assaulted them in Georgia and California between 2005 and 2018. The couple, who adamantly denied the allegations and said any encounters were consensual, are accused of kidnapping, false imprisonment, intimidation, and forced ingestion of illegal narcotics.

(Video contains uncensored profanity.)

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