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T.I. releases the music video for his new single "Pardon" featuring Lil Baby

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At midnight, T.I. will share his highly-anticipated 11th studio album, The L.I.B.R.A (The Legend Is Back Running Atlanta). To hold us over, the Atlanta rapper dropped a music video for his new single “Pardon.” 

In the song, T.I. reflects on his 10-album discography, dating back to his 2001 debut I’m Serious. He details his growth from his “Rubber Band Man” days to rocking a Chinchilla coat and hanging with Diddy. But T.I. says anyone can do it — you just need to follow your dreams.  

“Road run, Rubber Band Man/Made a hundred mil’ off of fifty grand,” he raps.  “Well, G, my suggestion is that you follow your dreams in this/Put your heart in this, you’re bound to get rich, no cap.”

“Pardon” features fellow Atlanta native and chart-topper Lil Baby, who’s still running around being that “young turnt” rapper who had to “go and get it.”

“I done put it all on the line, I knew that the rent was due,” he raps. “Had to go and get it, no trippin’, it wasn’t no handouts.”

“Pardon” marks T.I.’s second release from The L.I.B.R.A, following his single “Ring” featuring Young Thug

By Rachel George
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(Video contains uncensored profanity.)