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Suspect associated with Tupac murder arrested in Las Vegas

Tupac Shakur In 'Gridlock'd'
Tupac Shakur in a scene from the film ‘Gridlock’d’, 1997. (Photo by Gramercy Pictures/Getty Images)

An arrest has been made in connection to the 1996 murder of Tupac in Las Vegas.

Duane “Keffe D” Davis was arrested Friday in connection to the murder, but charges are unknown at this time.

In his memoir “Compton Street Legend,” that he was in the Cadillac when the gunfire erupted during the shooting.

Las Vegas police raided Davis’ wife’s home collecting multiple computers, a cellphone and hard drive, a Vibe magazine that featured Shakur, several .40-caliber bullets, two “tubs containing photographs” and a copy of Davis’ 2019 tell-all memoir, “Compton Street Legend.”

In the book, Davis said he was the last living witnesses to the shooting.

This story is still developing.