Steve Harvey

Surgeon General Joins Steve Harvey Morning Show, Reveals Additional Details About Covid-19 Vaccine

In an exclusive interview with Steve Harvey on the “Steve Harvey Morning Show,” US Surgeon General Jerome M. Adams talked about the pandemic and  COVID-19 vaccine.

Adams revealed that an estimated 50% of people who are transmitting the virus are asymptomatic, and that for Black Americans, the virus and upcoming vaccine is a social justice issue. Adam says “To me, this is a social justice issue because people are preying on our folks with misinformation that is causing them to lose their life. So follow [CDC guidelines], get your flu shot,” he said, adding “I’ve seen the data, I’ve worked with the companies, I’ve encouraged them to include African Americans in their trials and we’ve successfully gotten the numbers up.”

Adams is working with the NFL, HBCUs, faith-based organizations, and Black fraternities and sororities to build trust, stating “a vaccine doesn’t do anything if people don’t trust it or won’t accept it.”

Steve Harvey even volunteered to take the vaccine on camera to support Adams’ efforts.

Surgeon General Adams’ efforts are not just to support the vaccine but to address ongoing health issues in the Black community that are impacted by the pandemic.