“South Florida Mini Fair” Kicks Off Today!

The South Florida Fair is back in Palm Beach County. The annual family tradition kicks off Friday with a twist due to the pandemic.

Organizers say the event will be operating on a smaller scale to help avoid large crowds. This year’s theme is “Mini, But Mighty”.

There will be 16 kiddie rides available including the big Ferris Wheel. The adult thrill rides aren’t rolling out until the full-fledged fair that will be taking place in May.

As for safety changes, face masks are required and you’ll find several hand washing and sanitizing stations throughout the fairgrounds.

Despite all the changes, President and CEO Vicki Chouris said you’ll still be able to enjoy your favorite fair food and livestock entertainment shows

“Things can be done in a safe way. We can have some normalcy in our lives which is what we all really need,” said Chouris.
“We are doing this on a small scale to make sure that we do it right and that we control what we can control.”

All of the live music performances will be performed by local bands, a move aimed at helping local musicians rebound from the pandemic.

“We are working with local bands this year,” Chouris said. “We knew that the local economy needed some boost some of the artists and musicians in our local economy so we brought in local bands. We brought in tribute bands during the week and we have other performers throughout the weekends and all day long.”

More than 30 food vendors will be on site serving up the usual fair food favorites.

“Your favorite guy who has the sausage, pepper, and onions, your favorite guy that has a corn dog or the doughnut burger, they’re all going to be here. We have less stands, but same products same quality same fried fair food,” Chouris said.