Some Parents Demanding “Palm Beach County School Superintendent” To Resign.

The superintendent of the School District of Palm Beach County used song lyrics to answer a question.

Now, some parents are calling for his resignation.

Mike Burke was speaking at a Chamber of Commerce breakfast Tuesday morning when someone asked him how she could help the school district.

Burke told her, “Send lawyers, guns and money.”

Those are lyrics from a famous song by Warren Zevon.

But at a special school board meeting Wednesday afternoon, some parents let Burke know they didn’t appreciate the comment.

“I don’t know what you want to do with guns,” said Danielle Underwood. “We now would like to file formal complaints to open up investigations, because we fear for our lives and our children’s lives.”

Burke also spoke at the meeting and explained they were just song lyrics. He said he only meant it as a joke.

“It was fully intended to be a lighthearted quip,” Burke said. “But I understand guns should not have been referenced in any manner. I apologize and take full responsibility for my inappropriate comment.”

The apology did not change many minds at the meeting.

“Your apology was weak and pathetic,” said Cory Strolla, a parent. “And what you said was disgusting, sir.”

Another parent, Angelique Contreras, said, “How insensitive of you to joke about guns, lawyers and money.”