Social media threat prompts extra security

Three students have been arrested in Missouri after a viral social media post threatened violence at an unspecified Central High School. Though investigators say the threat was not directed toward any school in Florida, two local high schools will have an extra police presence on Monday.

The threat, which was posted online Thursday, circulated across the country with no indication of which Central High School the suspects were referring to. The threat stated the violence would occur on Monday morning.

St. Joseph Police in Missouri say they’ve arrested three students in their area behind the threat.

Though investigators say the threats are not directed toward any school in Florida, there will be an increased police presence at Palm Beach Central High School in Wellington and Fort Pierce Central High School on Monday.

Palm Beach Central High School Principal Darren Edgecomb’s message to parents and guardians

“Good afternoon Palm Beach Central parents and guardians, this is Principal Edgecomb.

“This message is an update to a call I shared with you earlier today regarding a social media threat that some believed was targeted at our campus.

“Three students, outside of Florida, have been arrested for social media threats they made against a school generally referred to as ‘Central High School.’

“Students locally reported this threat through the Fortify Florida app, out of concern that this threat was against Palm Beach Central High School

“School Police have NO reason to believe this threat is in any way connected to our school

“Although police have no reason to believe this threat applies to our school, there will be an extra law enforcement presence on our campus tomorrow to ease concerns and maintain security.

“Parents, please share this information with your students.

“As always, do not hesitate to reach out to our school if you have questions or concerns.”

St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office message to the public

“St. Joseph’s Missouri Police Department have confirmed that three individuals have been arrested in connection with starting the viral threat on social media. Again, there is no credible connection to this threat and our community.

“Detectives have researched this social media post and found it to have been sent to numerous communities around the state and nation,” said Chief Deputy Brian Hester. “We have found no credible connection to St. Lucie County or to our Central High School. As a precaution, additional Sheriff’s Office personnel will be onsite Monday at Central High School to reassure parents, students and school staff.”