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Snoop Dogg’s Hilarious Reaction To Olympic Horse Event

There are plenty of Olympic events that you’ve heard of before: swimming, gymnastics, track and field. But there are also several that may fly under the radar. One such event is equestrian dressage, or what appears to be fancy horse dancing.

In a new clip from Peacock,Snoop Dogg and Kevin Hart were offering commentary on a variety of Olympic Highlights when they came across the unique sport, per People. Immediately, Snoop called out that it was “equestrian” before the horse’s moves stunned the “Drop It Like It’s Hot” rapper.

“The horse crip walking cuz. That’s gangsta,” he told Hart, who couldn’t contain his laughter and had to wipe away tears. “This horse is off the chain. I gotta get this m———– in a video.”

After seeing the fancy footwork, Snoop wanted to know if the horses get rewarded like other Olympic athletes if they win.

“Do horses get medals when they win too?” he asked, to which Hart responded, “No it goes to the person on a horse, which should be changed!”

Hart joked, “I demand for a horse to get the respect that they deserve and have the same bragging rights as the jockey. You don’t think a horse wanna brag? A horse wanna brag too.”

Check out the duo’s hilarious commentary below. Warning: The video contains strong language