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Snoop Dogg reveals his dream collaboration is Sade

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for BET

Could a Snoop Dogg and Sade collaboration be on the way? If it were up to the “Gin and Juice” rapper, the answer would most definitely be yes.

In a video clip shared by TMZ, Snoop revealed that he would love to link up with Nigerian-British singer for a song. 

“Maybe Def Jam and Universal can hustle that. I didn’t think it could happen,” the 50-year-old Super Bowl headliner said.

He added, “Watch out. We’ll put it in the air. Put a bat signal up saying, ‘You can call me.'”

Snoop then recalled attending one of Sade’s concert’s and being “too nervous” to meet the singer-songwriter.  

“I went to her concert, I went to see her perform on time. I went with Heavy D and LL Cool J. She had all these visual effects where she disappeared and she was in the top of the sky, she was [amazing],” he said. “They was like ‘Do you wanna go meet her?’ And I was like ‘[no].’ I was nervous as a motherf*****. Like, nah. I was too nervous!”

Instead of meeting the soul singer, Snoop told his crew that they needed to leave because “there’s going to be a lot of cars trying to get out of here.”

There’s no current plan for the two artists to collab, but never say never. 

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