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Sinqua Walls says tonight's season finale of 'American Soul' will "shock and surprise you"

BET/Nathan Bolster

Ahead of the America Soul season two finale on BET, Don Cornelius actor Sinqua Walls is teasing fans on what they can expect from tonight’s “shocking” conclusion.

Walls tells ABC Audio that the end of this season will leave viewers with more questions than answers.

“I do not think people know what is coming,” Walls says. “I think in some series when episodes lead to the last episode, you have a prediction. And many times, if you follow the journey of a series from one season to the next, you can kind of know what the next season or the next episode is going to be about.”

“[But,] this is going to shock everybody,” he continues. “In the best way possible.”

During season two, Wall’s character of Don Cornelius was seen struggling with his health as he worked to expand the Soul Train brand. According to Walls, Cornelius will not only have to deal with his health issues, but an important “decision” as well. 

“All the characters are going to go to something that is very, very challenging to who they become as human beings,” Walls says. “Don himself, the decisions he has to make. And all the characters, they’re going to go through things that I don’t think the audience is going to expect, which continues to make great TV.”

“But it’s going to shock and surprise you,” he teases. 

The season finale of BET’s American Soul airs tonight at 10 p.m. ET. on BET.

By Candice Williams
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