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Check Out This Shocking Video Of An "Ambulance" Getting Hijacked.

It was a crazy car chase as police pursued a hijacked ambulance with a patient still inside. The alleged hijacker even called authorities from the ambulance to speak to a...

The "NFL" Pushes Players To Get "Vaccinated"!

But Players’ Association Vice President Benjamin Watson also said the NFLPA will stand behind players 100% if they choose not to get vaccinated.

Congresswoman Arrested After "Voting Rights" Protest.

Photos of Beatty being detained were posted to her Twitter account with the caption, “Let the people vote. Fight for justice.”

‘Pose’ Star "Dominique Jackson" Discusses Mentoring Queer Youth!

Jackson said that playing her character Elektra on “Pose” resurfaced personal trauma. The show’s iconic star Billy Porter shared last month that he’s secretly lived with HIV for 14 years.

High Demand For "Restaurant Workers" Could Boost Their Pay!

Restaurants are getting busy again, but owners are finding it hard to fill open jobs, and that could mean higher pay for America’s notoriously underpaid restaurant workers.