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South Florida Sunday is hosted by Riviera Beach Mayor Thomas A. Masters along with Marian Dozier of The very popular news show airs at 6:30 a.m. Sunday mornings during the gospel music program. It focuses on civic, cultural and community affairs issues and events from across X102.3’s coverage area—in both an informational and humorous way. Mayor Masters, now in his 10th year as an elected official, leads on the humor while Marian, a former longtime newspaper reporter, focuses on the informational. Listen in: it’s a great mix!


Dan Calloway, former Riviera Beach deputy sheriff and Palm Beach County detective sergeant, has joined forces with the local Masonic organizations to renovate the Stevens Brothers funeral home with the help of 200 sixth, seventh and eighth graders. The goal is to teach and mentor the youth about personal hygiene and responsibility, while preparing them for vocations, further education, and all aspects of adult life. In addition, 12 of those students will be entered into a modeling contest after three months in the program.
He also explains that a feeding program which has been a longtime fixture in the city will be expanded from one Saturday to two Saturdays per month, in partnership with Reverend Thomas Masters and Pastor James Howard at New Macedonia Church. For more information: (561) 201-9358, (561) 531-9134, or (561) 848-4991.
In the next segment, Atlanta resident and Palm Beach County native Artavia Taylor discusses her book, titled, “Finally Free,” which reveals her struggle in a domestic violence relationship. She provides an overview of her work and hopes her story will inspire others going through a similar situation to seek help and support. The feeling of liberation upon escaping such a relationship is also highlighted.
She says that “fear” stands for “false evidence of appearing real,” and explains that the enemy uses that strategy to gain control over their victim through threats. The goal is to build one’s confidence and strength to overcome such negativity through activities such as active ministry and other work. For more information or to request Taylor to speak at events: (678) 671-1615,, or


Dan Calloway, former Riviera Beach deputy sheriff and Palm Beach County detective sergeant, discusses his memoir, “Holes in the Tar Paper,” which fleshes out the need and process involved to fill the “holes” in one’s life. To that end, he recaps a Christmas dinner that took place for 200 seniors on Thursday, December 19 at the Riviera Beach Marina. The event is now in its 37th year. Calloway emphasizes the importance of doing one’s best and remaining positive every day, as well as focusing on helping others. He says it is important to treat people as one wishes to be treated.

Aside from supporting seniors, Calloway and his team are also involved with positively influencing local youth. On Sunday, December 22, Calloway’s team will have 55 children, most of whom are students at Palm Beach Lakes Community High School, attend a Miami Dolphins game as part of a series of such outings. The goal is to encourage the current generation to be better than the previous one.

Beginning in January 2020, a new program will introduce 200 6th, 7th and 8th graders from JFK Middle School to the art of makeup, social behavior, and the importance of personal hygiene. The students will then participate in a fashion show which will take place in the spring. In terms of fighting crime, Calloway mentions an ongoing project that will entail meeting with middle and high school boys in order to educate them on social skills and other aspects of life. In terms of other service activities, a black history banquet is scheduled to take place February 28, 2020, celebrating members of different churches in the area.


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