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South Florida Sunday is hosted by Riviera Beach Mayor Thomas A. Masters along with Marian Dozier of The very popular news show airs at 6:30 a.m. Sunday mornings during the gospel music program. It focuses on civic, cultural and community affairs issues and events from across X102.3’s coverage area—in both an informational and humorous way. Mayor Masters, now in his 10th year as an elected official, leads on the humor while Marian, a former longtime newspaper reporter, focuses on the informational. Listen in: it’s a great mix!

South Florida Sundays With Mayor Masters

Visually impaired

Takecia Saffold, who serves as president for the National Federation of the Blind of Palm Beach, discusses local services for the visually impaired, as October is “Meet the Blind” month. She was diagnosed with macular generation and retina detachment 11 years ago. She contacted the Division of Blind Services and the Lighthouse of the Blind. They provided technology, white cane travel, and home management training, and referred her to Palm Tran Connection, which is a door-to-door transportation service. They also introduced her to the Talking Books Library. Saffold, who earned her Bachelor’s degree in Social Work with Honors from Florida Atlantic University, adds that smartphones also have built-in accessibility such as voiceover technology.

She is a consumer advocate for the disabled community. In that regard, she provides ADA sensitivity training for local transportation companies and organizations, and has established Saffold’s Consultant Service, LLC. She attempts to change public misconceptions of the blind and disabled. Safford was also been the liaison for the disabled community in Riviera Beach, during Mayor Masters’ tenure in office. Saffold also joined the Braille Club of the Palm Beaches, where she played dominoes and socialized with other individuals. She also discusses the “Be My Eyes” app that allows users to contact volunteers for assistance with various issues.

Saffold explains that October 15 was White Cane Safety Day, which has been observed since 1964. It brings attention to the White Cane Law, which, among other things, requires the pedestrian walk to remain clear for the visually impaired. The AARP also assists with employment services. For more information: TK Saffold on Facebook, email:, or

Hurricane Dorian relief efforts and Nelson Outreach Ministries

Derek Stubbs, a public relations officer in Freeport, discusses Hurricane Dorian relief efforts. He acknowledges the assistance of the 700 Partners and its director, Ginger Moxey, in expediting the process, while offering his personal experience with the storm and his efforts to survive. Stubbs explains that while it seems the islands have already moved on, that is not the case.

Schools in the affected areas are projected to reopen in short order. However, students will require new supplies due to their materials being damaged or destroyed by flooding. To that end, Stubbs and Mayor Masters use the opportunity make a moral appeal to Palm Beach County listeners for supplies. Stubbs may be contacted on Facebook, or by calling (242) 646-3376.

Nelson Outreach Ministries

Pastor Teresa Nelson of Nelson Outreach Ministries outlines her organization’s after-school, feeding, and emergency food supply programs. They provide food and toiletries to all families on Wednesdays from 1 to 6 p.m., at 251 11th Street in Riviera Beach. Items include non-perishable items as well as meats. In addition, they are collecting supplies for hurricane victims in the Bahamas.

She also discusses the upcoming 22nd anniversary celebration for Nelson Outreach Ministries. It will take place at the New Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church, located at 748 West 9th Street, on November 9, beginning at 4 p.m. For more information: (561) 667-9177.

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