I was born and raised in the concrete jungle where dreams are made, New York City. Ever since I can remember I always had the ability to entertain a room full of people. I had a gift of writing and performing my own music for 15+ years! I am an artist, writer, videographer, director, model, and host. I’ve had the opportunity to perform with several artist such as “The Fugees”, “Onyx”, Members of the “Wu Tang Klan” “Styles P” and a host of others! I am all about empowering women. I even volunteer to mentor young girls and young mothers in my community.


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Wife Attacked By A Bobcat, Husband To The Rescue

A rabid bobcat attacked a North Carolina woman in her driveway and her husband jumped in and hurled the animal across the lawn … and it’s all caught in this...

Mass shooting at Indianapolis FedEx Ground operations center

Eight people are dead and multiple others are injured following the mass shooting. The alleged gunman has taken his own life, police said.

EXCLUSIVE: Woman speaks about Johnson & Johnson vaccine adverse reaction

A woman who received a Johnson & Johnson vaccine in Cumming speaks about the adverse reaction she suffered.

Transgender athlete bill passed Florida House

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — The Republican-dominated Florida House on Wednesday passed a bill that would ban transgender females from playing on girls’ and women’s high-school and college sports teams, with Democrats arguing...

OB/GYN discusses concerns surrounding the Johnson & Johnson vaccine

Verywell Health Chief Medical Officer Dr. Jessica Shepherd, an obstetrician-gynecologist, joined CBSN to discuss the pause on the Johnson and Johnson vaccine because of six cases of rare but severe...