Seniors At “West Palm Beach Apartment Complex” Claim They’re “Mistreated”!

Vulnerable residents at a local apartment complex say building management has neglected their needs and is putting tenants at risk.

The Christian Manor apartment complex is a housing unit consisting of four buildings that mainly houses senior citizens or those with health problems. Tenants and organizers with the Palm Beach County Tenants Union allege they’ve found pervasive toxic mold in units at the complex, along with significant issues like malfunctioning elevators.

“One of our residents who recently passed away, we know her mold situation was… it was advanced,” said Paul Turner, a tenant and leading activist at the complex. “It was in the ceiling, it was in the closet, it was in the kitchen. It was everywhere.”

The resident, an elderly woman named Malue McDougle, was found dead in her car. Her family is awaiting a toxicology report to confirm the exact cause of death, according to the Palm Beach County Tenants Union.