“Sen. Ted Cruz” Refuses To Put On “Mask” After Reporter Asks During Press Conference!

Sen. Ted Cruz, during a press conference to discuss some Republican senators’ upcoming trip to the U.S.-Mexico border, refused to wear a mask after a reporter asked him to put one on.

In a video of the press conference, the Texas lawmaker is seen approaching the podium, maskless, as his colleagues, all of whom appear to be wearing masks, follow him.

“Do you mind putting a mask on for us?” one of the reporters asks.

“Yeah, when I’m talking to the TV camera, I’m not going to wear a mask. All of us have been immunized,” Cruz replies.

The reporter is heard saying it would make the group feel better if Cruz wore a mask.

Cruz replied, “You’re welcome to step away, if you’d like.”

“The whole point of the vaccine,” he added. “CDC guidance is what we’re following,” he said.

That is incorrect.

The CDC says on their website “You should still take steps to protect yourself and others in many situations, like wearing a mask, staying at least 6 feet apart from others, and avoiding crowds and poorly ventilated spaces.”