“Secretary Carson” Helps Open Affordable Housing Projects In “West Palm Beach”!


HUD Secretary Ben Carson made a stop in West Palm Beach to dedicate a new affordable housing project for developmentally disabled people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

The new facility is called Home at Tamarind.

“Developments like this are especially powerful because they recognize the needs of the entire person,” said Carson. “We’re not looking at a building or a program, we’re looking at a person and we’re seeing how the building and the programs can be used to enhance their lives and make them more productive.”

West Palm Beach Mayor Keith James says six families will be able to live here.

“It is a place for them to call home, it is a place where one’s sense of pride can be restored, where confidence can be renewed, and where a sense of connectedness and togetherness can be warmly shared,” said James.

Carson received a tour of the construction and renovation of the Dr. Alice Moore Apartments, the Coleman Park Neighborhood, and the West Palm Beach Housing Authority Projects.