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Say Goodbye to Sierra Mist Forever!


Hello Starry, goodbye Sierra Mist.


Sierra Mist, the lemon-lime soda brought to you by Pepsi, which was thought to combat Sprite but never really toppled the popular soft drink, is no more.


Pepsi announced yesterday that their research department said “a demand for lemon-lime soda has never been greater” which presses them to develop a new lemon-lime soda that gives its consumers “a choice in an area that’s been dominated by one brand (Sprite) for years”.


Starry, Sierra Mist’s replacement has “higher citrus flavors that are true to fruit and more aromatic” according to a Pepsi rep that talked to CNN.


“Starry” reportedly will be rolled out with two options regular and sugar-free and will be in stores starting this week.


I gotta be honest with you, I could never tell the difference between Sprite and Sierra Mist.


And seeing as though I stopped drinking soda 3 years ago (outside of an occasional Cherry Coke, god I love Cherry Coke), I probably won’t try Starry.


R.I.P Sierra Mist