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Saweetie reveals how a cheeseburger made her realize she wasn’t cut out for a tongue piercing

Blair Caldwell

Saweetie took a walk down memory lane by revisiting some of old tweets and recalled her failed attempt at rocking a tongue piercing.

In a “Behind the Tweets” segment for Twitter Music, the “My Type” rapper dished on one of her less-than-brilliant ideas she had back in college.

When Saweetie pulled up an old tweet from January that read, “I got my tongue pierced jr yr in college [laughing] I was going through it,” she explained exactly what “going through it” meant.

The 27-year-old rapper revealed that the piercing swelled to the point that she was physically unable to eat solid foods.

“You know your girl loves to eat,” she deadpanned.  “I remember I thugged it out for like a week. I was eating nothing but soup. But then, one day, I was just really craving a cheeseburger.”

Turns out the craving was stronger than her new fashion statement and she “popped it out so I could eat my cheeseburger.”

That wasn’t the only part of the interview where Saweetie talked about her love of food, revealing earlier in the chat that she has a food-related “super power.”

She tweeted last December, “Before I make my random concoctions I can literally taste them in my head so I know I’ll like it. I guess it’s my super power.”

After reading the tweet out loud, Saweetie explained that she will “literally dream” of strange food combinations and recalled the time she was about to dive into some oysters before suddenly thinking to garnish them with the powder from a ramen flavor packet.

After pretending to smack her lips, Saweetie attested the flavor combo was delicious and furthered, “I’ve never had a bad concoction so far.”

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