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Saweetie becomes pimp Money Mike on Instagram following breakup with Quavo

Blair Caldwell

Weeks following her breakup with Quavo, rapper Saweetie is embracing her newfound independence with a new profile picture on Instagram.

Fans woke up Tuesday morning to Saweetie’s new profile pic of comedian Katt Williams as his pimp character Money Mike in Ice Cube‘s film, Friday After Next.

It looks like the “Icy Girl” is planning to be out and on the prowl this “Pretty B**** Summer,” as she put it, a nod to her forthcoming debut album, Pretty B**** Music.

The Shade Room captured Saweetie’s appearance Monday on the hip-hop show Behind The Rhymes, where she briefly shared details about her next single. 

“There’s a song called ‘Risky’ and it’s featuring Drakeo [the Ruler], he from L.A. and I like to celebrate,” said Saweetie. “It’s a great way of me celebrating my independence and shout-out to all my single ladies ’cause this Pretty B**** Summer, we out here getting risky.”

Saweetie then shared  on her Instagram story a snippet of her upcoming single, which has an energetic beat and lyrics like, “Shots got a [chick] feeling risky.”

Saweetie announced her breakup with Quavo earlier this month, tweeting she “endured too much betrayal and hurt” and seemingly hinting the Migos rapper cheated. Despite ending their relationship after nearly three years, Saweetie has more positive things to focus on, including building her pretty empire with makeup collaborations and fashion partnerships, and also working on various acting roles.

By Rachel George
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