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Saint Bodhi explains how her self-care regime contributes to her music

Darren Craig

Saint Bodhi is finishing up her upcoming EP, Antisocial, in the midst of Mental Health Awareness Month.

To help finish her project, Bodhi tells ABC Audio she often reverts to her self-care regime to “clear” her mind before going into the studio. 

“I’m really big on my baths, like not just normal baths…but I take a special bath with roses and epsom salt. That really keeps me happy and centered,” she says. “I’m really big on prayer and my meditation. I have like my little mantras that I do and I feel like that keeps my mind clear for when I’m going to the studio and it keeps me connected to myself.”

The Def Jam signee says she’s also tried other self-practice measures and she hopes to pick up yoga again “one day.”

Aside from music, Bodhi says she has plans to express her creative side through other avenues such as screenwriting. 

“I want to hopefully do a film with Jordan Peele,” she continues. “We can do something together. I want to get into sci-fi and you know venture off into some horror films as well. And that’s my next step, hopefully, screenwriting. And then I do have this one dream of opening a museum in Paris, but we’ll see how that goes.” 

Saint Bodhi made her presence known with her 2020 EP, MAD WORLD, led by her singles, “FlowerChild” and “Blessed.” The 10-track effort features suggestive lyrics and a blend of alternative R&B, rock and hip hop music. Last year, Bodhi earned her first Grammy nomination for writing LeCrae’s “Sunday Morning” duet with Kirk Franklin.

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