“Russell Wilson” Spends $1 Million A Year On Recovery For His Body!

Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is sharing that he is very serious about his health and why he invests big bucks to stay in top shape. Appearing on “The Bill Simmons Podcast” on Oct. 15, the 31-year-old revealed the prices that come with maintaining his professional-level physique.

“I probably spend a million if not more a year just on recovery,” Wilson said.

The star athlete explains that he has been committed to staying physically fit for close to five years and has a full-time performance team. There’s even a trainer who travels alongside him, a physical therapist, massage therapist and two chefs.

Wilson also trains year round, “I’m between 363 and 365, amount of work that we do every day, something around the body working. Because I’m trying to play until I’m 45, at least.”

“For me and my mentality, is that I’m going to leave it all on the field and do everything I can to take care of myself,” Wilson said. “That’s such a critical thing because if I feel good I’m going to play good… and that’s why I’ve been able to be out on the field every time.”

According to ESPN, the Seattle Seahawks are currently leading the NFL’s NFC West with a 6-1 record.

Watch Russell Wilson on the “The Bill Simmons Podcast”