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“Roosevelt Bridge” In “Stuart” In Danger Of “Collapsing”!

officials in Stuart say there is no “immediate risk of collapse” at the Roosevelt Bridge in Stuart after chunks of concrete fell.

All north and southbound lanes of the bridge, along with Old Dixie Highway which runs underneath the bridge, are now closed until further notice while engineers inspect and repair the damage.

“This is a rapidly evolving situation,” said Stuart Mayor Mike Meier at a news conference.

Meier said that during a routine bridge inspection on Tuesday night that occurs every two years, a call was made to the Florida Department of Transportation that there was falling concrete on the southbound side of bridge.

The concrete did not fall on any vehicles, officials said,

Engineers with FDOT found rust in the steel cables that had been exposed when the concrete fell off the south side of the bridge. Further inspection found an area of concern on the northbound side of the bridge as well.

“Unfortunately, they did find some structural issues on the northbound bridge,” Meier said.