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Ron Funches shares what he loves the most about hosting Quibi's new comedy game show 'Nice One!'

Courtesy of Quibi

Ron Funches found the perfect gig for his upbeat-style sense of humor. In June, the stand-up comedian and actor became the official host of Quibi’s new comedy game show Nice One!

Serving as both writer and host, Funches says he was “absolutely” on board with the new quirky series which puts guest comedians against each other to see who’s the “nicest.” In fact, Funches points out two of the main reasons why he really loves his new job.

“One, it allowed me to introduce people to a lot of my friends and people who I really enjoy and comedy I look up to. And get to see people fall in love with them,” Funches tells ABC Audio. “And I love facilitating things like that. I love helping my friends. I love helping people find new people to enjoy.”

“And then secondly,” he continues, “I made the network pay to get me nice suits. So then I got to wear nice suits. And I got to keep them. And I really liked that.”

However, Funches admits that the best part of hosting Nice One! is really the opportunity to showcase his comedic “perspective,” which can be both naughty and nice.

“It’s perfect for me because it lets me get out my perspective and still be positive and optimistic while still delivering sharp humor,” he says. “You can be positive and you don’t have to be like milk toast, you know.” 

Nice One!, featuring a long list of guest comedians including Finesse Mitchell and Chris Hardwick, is now available on Quibi.

By Candice Williams
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