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Rome Flynn praises his 'HTGAWM' co-star Viola Davis for "challenging [him] in the best way"

Courtesy of Rome Flynn

Rome Flynn is reminiscing about his time on How to Get Away With Murder and some of the memorable experiences he had on set.

Flynn tells ABC Audio that when he first landed the job, he immediately felt humbled by the opportunity. 

“When I got… to be on How to Get Away With Murder, it wasn’t like a ‘I’ve arrived moment,'” Flynn recalls. “It was like a ‘I get a chance to work moment.’ I never really felt like I arrived. It was…so quick.”

Although he only starred on three out of the six seasons, Flynn says he learned “a lot about [himself] and…being professional” from the veteran cast which included Viola Davis, Cicely Tyson and Billy Brown.

“Between just those three, I mean, hundreds of credits,” he says. 

“It was challenging, but at the same time, it challenged me in the best way,” Flynn continues, referring to working with Davis. “She left me feeling fulfilled every time and leaving set with more knowledge then I came with.”

While he admits Davis helped him become a better actor, Flynn reveals he also learned a lot about the Oscar winner.

“In between scenes and everything like that is the stuff that people really don’t know about Viola,” he says. “That she’s really funny.”

All jokes aside, Flynn says Davis could also be very “intimidating.”

“I was intimidated by her success because I had never met anyone that was as accomplished and that I respected as much as her,” he says. “But she was so down to earth and and just a very inviting person to be around.”

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By Candice Williams
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