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Roddy Ricch shares what he learned from 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy' rapper Kanye West

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Roddy Ricch sat down to name his all-time greats on Complex’s new show GOAT Talk. 

In the premiere episode Monday, the “The Box” rapper handpicked Kanye West‘s 2010 album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, as his GOAT album of choice.

“Mainly because of everything he put into the album,” ” says Roddy of Kanye’s musical talents. “Having all the different types of elements to it and making it one body of work. It’s commendable. He tapped into timeless music. You can make a body of work that will age bad or you can make a body that you can listen to for years and years to come.”

Roddy recalls meeting up with the Yeezy creator in Calabasas, California, where they discussed expanding outside of music.

“The main thing I learned from Kanye was expansion,” adds Roddy. “He showed me there’s more to life than just music. He taught me [about] really building empires. The empire you build with music, you could build it in other areas, like fashion, too.”

When asked who was the GOAT musician, the 22-year-old replied, “Me.”

“To me, I feel like I’m the greatest. I relate to my music the most because it’s mines,” Roddy continues. “Everything that I say, any song I ever made came straight off the top of my head. It’s all my ideas so when I listen back to it, it’s me. I can’t relate nobody else more than I can relate to myself. So that’s why, to me, I’m the greatest artist.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Roddy names his favorite acting GOAT Denzel Washington, his GOAT film, All About the Benjamins, starring Ice Cube and Mike Epps, as well as his GOAT television show, Martin.

By Rachel George
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