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Rihanna is “nervous” but “excited” to perform the Super Bowl halftime show

Christopher Polk/Getty Images for NARAS

How is Rihanna feeling about becoming the newest Super Bowl halftime performer? She finally broke her silence but made it clear she’s keeping her cards close.

TMZ ambushed the star in Los Angeles after she was done shopping to ask about the big game. Rihanna called the pap “sneaky” for waiting for her outside the store, but that didn’t stop her from throwing a few bones.

“I’m nervous,” she revealed through a dramatic whine when asked how she feels about taking on football’s biggest stage. She then quickly deadpanned, “But I’m excited.”

The pap didn’t let up and continued peppering Rihanna with NFL-centered questions, namely who will be accompanying her on the halftime show.

At the moment, no one has been announced as the singer’s co-headliner; there are some reports Rihanna will do the event solo — as Lady Gaga did in 2017.

The paparazzi threw out a few potential guests to Rihanna, such as A$AP Rocky, but she declined to answer. Instead, Rihanna threw up a peace sign and continued walking to her car. The hitmaker did call out a polite “Thank you, girl” before climbing into the vehicle.

The Super Bowl halftime show will mark Rihanna’s return to music after an extended, six-year absence. The singer last released the album Anti and its supporting tour back in 2016.

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