Rick Ross Is Looking For A Personal Flight Attendant

Rick Ross Hiring Personal Flight Attendant W/ Large Salary Rick Ross has declared that he wants to pay a whopping six figures to his own flight attendant. He said, standing outside of his private jet, “Right behind me is Maybach Air. For the very first time, the boss Rozay is looking for his own personal flight attendant, my own personal cabin attendant, paying anywhere between $85,000 and $115,000 annually, that’s a year.”

He continued, “You gotta have experience, you gotta have that positive vibe, you gotta be able to prepare the cuisine, serve the cuisine. I’ve had a seizure on a plane before, you gotta be able to handle the CPR. Of course, let’s travel the world, let’s be about our business, let’s be professional.” He added, “I need an amazing and professional cabin attendant. I’m looking for you. I can’t wait to find you.” Which airline do you think has the best flight attendants? Which airline has the worst customer service?